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Nick on WBAANATURE'S STORYTELLER: The Life of Gene Stratton Porter

 As a young girl growing up in the 1860s on a Wabash County, Indiana, farm, Geneva Grace Stratton received a wondrous gift from her father, Mark, who had noticed his daughter's love for nature and wildlife, especially the larks, cardinals, passenger pigeons, swallows, and hawks that flew overhead.  He declared that all birds on the farm belonged to her, and she was to become their protector.  "I was the friend and devoted champion of every bird that nested in the garden, on the fences, on the ground, in the bushes, in the dooryard, or in the orchard trees," she noted years earlier.

Gene Stratton Porter became one of the most popular authors of the 19th century, sharing her love of nature and wildlife through her writing and photography.


Gene Stratton Porter Natures Storyteller


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