The Library has a large collection of music CDs as well as an extensive sheet music collection. The check-out period for CDs is 3 weeks. You may renew a CD twice as long as there are no holds on the item.

Link to a great collection of online sheet music, all with an Indiana connection at IN Harmony.


Search the catalog to find specic CDs or music books (use advanced search and choose Music from the item type list on the right to limit your search to CDs).

The Library subscribes to more than 200 titles. The newest edition of each title is available for use in the Library, but older copies of all periodicals circulate for 3 weeks. You may renew a magazine twice as long as there are no holds on the item.

The Library subscribes to ProQuest for access to the archives of many newspapers including the Journal and Courier and Chicago Tribune.

isnlogoINSPIRE, magazine articles, encyclopedias, and other databases for residents of Indiana, provided by the State of Indiana, the Indiana State Library and INCOLSA.

The library collects thousands of videos in VHS and DVD formats, including award-winners, foreign films and a large children's collection.

  • All DVDs circulate free of charge for 1 week. You may renew a DVD only once as long as there are no holds on the item.
  • All VHS videos circulate free of charge for 3 weeks.  You may renew a VHS video once as long as there are no holds on the item.
  • Patrons may check out 10 DVDs and 10 Videos.


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Search the catalog to find specic movies (in advanced search - select Video Recordings from the item type list on the right to limit your search).

Best Sellers and older classics are available as audiobooks for all ages. The check-out period for audiobooks on tape or on CD is 3 weeks.  You may renew an audiobook on CD or tape once as long as there are no holds on the item.

 Search the catalog to find specic audiobooks (using advance search - select Audiobooks from the item type list on the right to limit your search).  eAudiobooks  are also avaialble for download. is your access for statewide electronic content.  Access testing ebooks and materials at INSPIRE's Testing and Education Reference Center. In INSPIRE's NetLibrary section you can access the Indiana State Library's eContent Collection.

View ebooks for ekids at TumbleBooks TumbleBook anim2 238x60


Visit our electronic branch at the Indiana Digital  Download Center, This collection of online digital content is easily accessed with your library card and password. (if you need help call the information desk at the library 765-743-2261.)

Indiana Digital Download Center is our growing consortium's online presence at OverDrive.  The consortium is comprised of 8 libraries that are pooling funds to purchase digital content for their patrons.

Tippecanoe County Public Library is also in an OverDrive consortium but we felt that it would give our patrons, including our reciprocal borrowers, access to more materials if we joined the other Indiana OverDrive consortium.

OverDrive recently released an OverDrive 2.0 apps for iPhone and Android, which adds support for eBooks from our library. Now you can download both EPUB eBooks and MP3 audiobooks directly to your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Android phone/tablet. New users can search for "OverDrive Media Console" in the Apple App Store and Android Market, while current users will be alerted to update the existing OverDrive app on their devices.

Having trouble with your device? Here are some helpful OverDrive tips from the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library.

netlibrary 155px Click on the logo to go to NetLibrary and learn more about NetLibrary's eAudiobook collections. Then come into the West Lafayette Public Library and set up a free NetLibrary account and you will be able to access this eContent from home. You can look at the West Lafayette Public Library's eAudiobook collection - which is provided through NetLibrary - by visiting the NetLibrary site from the Library or while logged into your library account.  This eContent is made available through a multi-library cooperative purchase with other Indiana Libraries offered through INCOLSA.  This service seems to work the best with Internet Explorer.

The check-out period for console games is 1 week with a limit of 1 per patron. You may renew a console game once as long as there are no holds on the item.


Search the catalog to find specic games (keywords -  wii or ps2). 


Click on the Evergreen logo (below) to search for books at the West Lafayette Public Library and the Evergreen Indiana Consortium


EI Graphic


 If you don't find what you're looking for in Evergreen, try searching SRCS. You will need to log-in with your Library card barcode and password to search and place a request through the SRCS system. Please call or come into the Library if you don't know your barcode or password.




Still not finding what you're looking for? Fill out the "Materials Request" form below.

The Library has collections of books, DVD, audiobooks, Large Print, ebooks and more. 

  • See the left menu for more information on specific collections. 
  • Also, check the catalog to see if we have specific print and AV materials. 
  • See the top menu for Digital Resources - information about our electronic resources and eBooks for our downloadable eBooks and eAudiobooks.
  • To use the Library's online subscription to Consumer Reports - with the latest information and reviews - please ask for help at the First Floor Information Desk or the Second Floor Reference Desk.
  • Looking for the next book in a fiction (novel) series?  Try the Kent District Public Library's WHAT NEXT?".
  • For Children's book series titles try the MID CONTINENT LIBRARY's online database

Not finding what you're looking for in the Evergreen Catalog?

Use our Materials Request Form and let us find it for you!

The library offers over 150,000 books for all ages - from novels to non-fiction, board books to large print.  The check-out period for all books is 3 weeks.  You may renew a book once as long as there is no hold on it. 

Search the catalog to find specic books.  eBooks  are also available for download.

The Library has a collection of books in foreign languages including Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Turkish, Chinese and more. These global books are grouped by language. They are located on the second floor on the book shelves that face the stairs.Globe with different styles of houses around it

We also have a collection of DVDs that were created in languages other than English, such as Hindi, Chinese, Korean and more. These DVDs are the Global Collection and are located on the first floor between the non-fiction and TV series DVDs.

Look for this picture on the spine of the global collection books and DVDs.

In addition, the Library has materials to help people learn English (ESL, English as a second language) or learn other languages (FLI, foreign language instruction). These materials are located on the second floor on the shelves facing the stairs near the foreign language books.

Also, the Library subscribes online language instruction Muzzy Online for Kids.


The West Lafayette Public Library Archives exists to support the collection, preservation, and research of documents and artifacts related to the history and culture of West Lafayette, IN. The West Lafayette Archives is part of the West Lafayette Public Library.

Collection Development Policy

The West Lafayette Archives and Research Center collects, preserves, and makes available for research documents, photographs, artifacts, manuscripts and ephemera representing the history of West Lafayette, IN.

The following criteria help determine the content of the West Lafayette Archives and Research Center: materials related to the social, cultural, business, transportation, educational, family, individual history of West Lafayette, IN. The WLPL Archives is prepared to accept printed materials, manuscripts, photographs, ephemera (booklets, pamphlets, flyers, posters, newsletters, etc.) written histories; the archives is interested in other materials pertaining to WL History such as 3-D artifacts, textiles and will consider these on a case by case basis.

Acquisitions Guidelines

The West Lafayette Public Library Archives accepts donations of material for its research collections from individuals, organizations, and businesses.

Detailed Acquisition Guidelines

Information for Donors

Information for Researchers

The West Lafayette Public Library Archives accepts donations of material for its research collections from individuals, organizations, and businesses.

When accepting material, the Archives is responsible for

  1. Maintaining the materials, ensuring accepted practice for preservation and security, preparing the materials for research use through professional arrangement and cataloging, and supplying them to any interested researcher on an equal basis, during the archives appointed hours.
  2. Ensuring that all material containing confidential information is restricted from all use in accordance with the explicit instructions of the donor as long as the restriction is "reasonable" and affects all potential users equally. The WLPL Archives cannot accept collections that are restricted indefinitely or for which the restriction cannot be enforced equally or with reasonable effort at the time of donation.
  3. Making decisions about preserving and preparing collections consistent with professional archival practice to best serve the material itself, researchers, and the WLPL. Materials that the WLPL Archives wishes to remove from the collection will be discarded, offered to another institution, sold, or returned to the donor according to the donor's instructions at the time of the donation.
  4. Securing legal documentation for every gift that makes clear the terms of the transfer and any instructions of the donor. The WLPL Archives will accept a deed of gift that transfers title to this organization or a loan agreement that specifies terms under which the loan will become a donation. Donors may transfer copyrights to the WLPL Archives or retain them themselves. The WLPL Archives will honor all agreements with the donor.

The WLPL Archives:

  1. Cannot accept donations without transfer of title or the clear intention to transfer title at a defined time.
  2. Cannot accept material for which the donor does not have clear title.
  3. Cannot provide appraisals of the monetary value of gifts.
  4. Cannot accept liability for loss or damage of materials due to deterioration, fire, or other natural disasters.

When a donor transfers materials to the WLPL Archives, the WLPL Archives organizes and preserves the donation and makes it available to researchers.

The following is a list of services the WLPL Archives will provide regarding your donation.

  1. The donation will be organized and, if appropriate, a bibliographic record and/or finding aid (index) will be created to describe the content and the arrangement.
  2. The donation will be placed in nondamaging containers and stored in the WLPL.
  3. The donation will be available to researchers in the WLPL Archives after it is organized, physically stabilized, and prepared for use.
  4. Should the Deed of Gift contain temporary restrictions on portions of the donation, the restrictions will be strictly enforced.
  5. When applicable, the WLPL Archives will alert researchers to existing copyrights relating to the donation and will include such statements in the bibliographic record and/or finding aid.
  6. The WLPL Archives will require that appropriate and complete citations be included in all information relating to the donation, such as exhibitions, publications, and media productions; citation will read as follows: "Courtesy of the WLPL Archives, Collections Name, Archival Call Number."
  7. The WLPL Archives will permanently maintain (confidential) files documenting the acquisition of the donation and its use.

Gift of Deed form