Coming this week @ WLPL (September 29-October 5)

Wednesday: Mark's Mac Help, 3:00pm-4:00pm - Movie Showing @ 6:45pm   ***  We also offer free individual help sessions by appointment - call or stop by the Library and ask for Scott)

Thursday: One Great Movie Showing @ 6:30pm

Friday: Friday Night Live! @ 6:00pm


Inside Out Exhibit Comes to the Library

Local artists portraits now hang in the Library, a reprise of the Inside Out project sponsored by the Public Arts teams of West Lafayette and Lafayette and the Purdue Art & Design Senior Photography Class in the Spring of 2014. The show highlights local artists with photographs that show both "inside and outside" the Library's windows. The show continues through the Fall. Click here to read more: Inside Out


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WALLA & Friends Present: Kind Hearts and Coronets

khc-poster2WALLA & Friends Present:

Kind Hearts and Coronets

Monday, October 13 at 6:45pm

106 minutes Not Rated

Set in Victorian England, Robert Hamer's 1949 masterpiece Kind Hearts and Coronets remains the most gracefully mordant of the Ealing comedies. Dennis Price plays Louis D'Ascoyne, the would-be Duke of Chalfont whose mother was spurned by her noble family for marrying an Italian singer for love. Louis resolves to avenge his mother by murdering the relatives ahead of him in line for the dukedom, all of whom are played by Alec Guinness. The great joy of Kind Hearts and Coronets is the way in which its appallingly black subject matter (considered beyond the pale by many critics at the time) is conveyed in such elegantly ironic turns of phrase by Price's narrator/antihero. Serial murder has never been conducted with such exquisite manners and discreet charm.


Catch up with 2014's One Great Read with this video from WLFI TV 18!

Once again the West Lafayette Public Library joins with the Tippecanoe County Public Libraries, Civic Theater, TAF, WALLA, Barnes and Noble and Robots and Rogues Book Shop to present a community read.


Nick's Picks on WBAA

Nick Schenkel's Book Reviews on WBAA

Nick on WBAA          SHARP SHOOTER: A Sunny McCoskey Mystery

Napa Valley offers sunny skies, fine food and especially rich tasting wines.  But there are sharpshooters wandering this beautiful land - one a tiny wasp that murders the grape vines of the valley, the other a human character who takes the life of a local vintner on a quiet moonlit night. Sunny McCoskey entangles herself – and us - in both threads in this taut, fast paced mystery novel.

Sharp Shooter


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